I'm Karan, a Product Designer and Creative Director based in Canada. I enjoy creating user-centric, delightful, and human experiences.

Recent Projects

Creative Director & Product Owner
gfit Wellness
Product Designer & Developer
UX Designer
Hippo CMMS
Designer and Developer
Designer and Developer
Paragon Design Build
ReBranding & Development
Design and Development
North Forge East
Design, Development and Branding
Exemplar Developments
Design and Development
Bluestone Homes
Design and Development
Canada Mini Homes
Design and Development
Southern Comfort Mechanical Inc.
Design and Development
Dugald Place
Human Centred Design
I  put the specific human user at the heart of all design decisions in order to create perfect tailored solutions.
Agile way of working
I help companies build agile capabilities and integrate agile concepts so they can improve productivity and develop new products faster.
Design System Management
I have had experience creating and maintaining the single source of design truth to help designers and developers alleviate insecurity, inconsistency and inefficiency from their workflow.
UX Research and Testing
I have had experience establishing user groups and validating assumptions through the use of focus groups and insight sessions. I am also experienced in creating low and high fidelity prototypes for testing..
Design Tooling Skill
I am very experienced with many different design tools used for prototyping and delivery.
T Shaped Designer
I am a T shaped designer. Not only I'm an experienced product designer but I also have experiences in Team management, Research, UX, Business & Front end development.
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